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Hearthstone Mercenaries is a unique playing mode, distinct from classic games and battlegrounds. Its matches go between mercenary squads. Each mercenary has strengths and weaknesses and functions to its max in particular cases. So you must carefully compile your teams to make them balanced and well-rounded.
But besides that, your mercenary squad should also be leveled and geared. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withstand PvP against players with maxed-out mercenaries. In today’s article, you’ll know which mercenaries are optimal to level. In addition, we’ll share with you the quickest and cheapest way to upgrade your team. So get your cards ready, and let’s go!

hearthstone mercenaries

How Good is Hearthstone Mercenaries?

Hearthstone Mercenaries was a breath of fresh air for old-school players. The mode is very different from what they’ve seen before. And that’s one of the reasons for its fame.
What’s cool about this mode is how you treat each mercenary. They feel like legit members of your team. You must develop and upgrade them, increasing their levels and equipping new weapons. So each of them is perceived like your little RPG character.
Mimicking the WoW system, Hearthstone Mercenaries have PvE and PvP modes. The first one is done rather well. It has many challenging encounters which reward you with squad upgrades.
PvP is more of the end-game content. You enter it when your squad is leveled and well-equipped. And then you face other players to see who’s stronger and smarter. By winning, you’ll improve your rank and get more rewards.
All that sounds very fun. But to achieve it, you must first get Hearthstone best mercenaries. Playing with dull and common ones is not inspiring at all. Based on our experience,  that’s the reason why many players drop the mode. Soon, you’ll know how to avoid that.

Which Mercenaries to Level Hearthstone?

Creating your mercenary squad is a game-defining playing stage. To do it correctly, you must know which ones to upgrade. Here are a few tips for you.

First, consider that there are three mercenary types:

  • Casters (blue): deal damage and CC with spells;
  • Fighters (green): simply attacks enemies;
  • Protectors (red): CC and tanking damage.

Each of those counters another specific mercenary type. For instance, casters deal double damage to protectors, protectors to fighters, and fighters to casters.
Therefore, you should compile a team with at least one representative of each type. So your squad can fight back most compositions.
Now, let’s look at some of the best Hearthstone mercenaries to level. The S-tier ones are Ysera, Dragon Khadgar, Human Nemsy Necrofizzle, Gnome Bwonsamdi, Troll Trigore the Lasher, Beast Y’Shaarj, Old God Valeera Sanguinar, Blood Elf Elise Starseeker.
If you have any of these, feel free to max them out. They’ll find a place in any team comp. But prepare for a long grind: it might take several weeks to level and gear a mercenary.

About Hearthstone Mercenaries Boost Service

You can avoid this boredom with our game booster site. Our team features plenty of pro-HS Mercenary players. They will take care of your specific mercenary team and work to improve it. Let’s look at their services closer.

Best Mercenaries Hearthstone

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What Do You Get?

Each type of Hearthstone Mercenary boosting service gives you different benefits. For the Mercenary Leveling, you’ll get any mercenary leveled to the max. Buying Mercenaries Quests gets you any quest completed. While Zero-to-Hero Mercenaries Bundle will give you any mercenary to level 30 + all 3 weapons for him. All these orders are completed within 12-24 hours.

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Is It Safe?

Blizzard doesn’t let players transfer their accounts to third persons. Especially if it is done for cash.
When players buy from us Hearthstone boosting services (and other ones like purchasing Destiny weapons and OSRS gold buying), we implement VPN. Our booster connects to your city, and it perfectly masks the fact that someone else logs into your account. Based on our countless orders, game mods can never spot a violation here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hearthstone Mercenaries mode?

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a unique gaming mode where you must collect a squad of 3 cards. Each of them is a separate character with its skills and alterable weapons. There are PvP and PvE battles in this mode.

Is it hard to develop your mercenary team?

The main problem with Hearthstone Mercenary game mode is its grind. To get to a level where you have a developed team with desired characters and weapons, you’ll need to spend months.

What should you do to develop your mercenary squad?

When you start playing, resources for upgrades and characters will pour on you. And then, you must complete quests, PvP, and PvE activities to keep going.

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