Lost Ark How to Get Gold: Fastest and Most Reliable Methods

November 24, 2023

Lost Ark is a struggle without gold. You need it to purchase crystals, conduct knowledge transfers, buy enhancement materials, and do stronghold crafts. But how do you get enough money for these?
You need a plan. In this Lost Ark gold guide, we’ll explain all the methods for fattening your wallet. They’ll be different. So, regardless of your gameplay preferences, you’ll definitely like some next methods. Let’s jump in!

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What is the Source of Gold in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an MMO. According to the genre tendencies, the game offers different ways to play. Thus, sources of gold vary.
Some require you to fight enemies, others, chase collectibles, etc. You do what you like. But there’s also a secret way of how to get gold in Lost Ark, which is the quickest and easiest. We’ll explain it a bit further.

how to get gold lost ark

How to Farm Gold in Lost Ark

But before we expose a secret gold farming method, we want to acquaint you with common ones. They’re not bad, though. So, here are ways how to get gold in Lost Ark by playing right now.

Una’s Tokens

Completing Lost Ark daily quests gives you Una’s tokens. You can get 2,180 of them weekly. Once you do, trade 500 tokens into a Large Gold Chest at any Gold Shop vendor. It will give you around 1k gold.

Adventure Islands

Lost Ark conducts regular island events. Some give gold. You must open your calendar and find them. Be in the game according to the day and time and visit the event.
When the event starts, you must hop on your boat and sail to the specific island. The quest is there. You will be tasked to kill minions, collect items, or talk to NPCs before you get coins.

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The Lost Ark world has masterpieces scattered around it. You receive those by doing quests, adventure tomes, secret map dungeons, exploring the world, etc. Obtaining some masterpieces gives up to 20k gold.
Masterpieces are easy to track. Open your “Collectibles” window and see what you haven’t completed yet. However, remember that 1 masterpiece rewards singularly.

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons feature random events. Gold Portal is one of them. Ensure to enter it once it’s available, and you’ll get a few hundred gold for completing it.

Guild Activities

There’s a gold-giving island in Lost Ark. It has 3 farming spots held by successful guilds. If you are in one of them, join your comrades in the gold event, and you’ll get a treasure’s share.

Sell Items

Another popular way how to get gold in Lost Ark is by selling items you get from world bosses, legion raids, abyssal dungeons, chaos gates, etc. It can be engraving books, treasure maps, or legendary card packs.
Also, consider selling tradable honing materials, like stones for armor and weapons. Based on our experience, don’t damp their prices. These items are in high demand, so they’ll sell for any adequate price.


Professions allow you to farm unique items. Not everybody can get them (only players with leveled professions), so you can sell them for good money. Pick excavating. Even if you aren’t crafting fusion materials, you can still sell obtainable relics.

Accessories with Good Engravings and Stats

Accessories are one of the ways to get desired engravings in Lost Ark. But that’s RNG. When any accessory drops, it has several random engravings.
If you have an accessory with META engravings, you can sell it for a lot. Grudge, Expert, Cursed Doll, Adrenaline, and Master Brawler are good-selling engravings. You can simplify their search.
To do it, open your engravings in your profile and activate a blue star icon near engravings that interest you. Now, accessories with them are marked with blue stars, too.
On top of that, consider stats. Currently, an item must have a swiftness or a specialization stat. Others are irrelevant.

Currency Exchange

The last of the Lost Ark gold sources to name is the currency exchange. It allows you to trade your blue crystals, which you buy for real cash, into gold coins. However, exchange rates aren’t the best.

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What is the Fastest Way to Get Gold in Lost Ark?

The fastest and easiest way for Lost Ark gold farming is to buy boosting. It employs pros to farm any number of coins in the shortest terms for your cash. Exchange rates are great. Just for €3.49, you’ll receive 5,000 gold.
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How to Get and Use Powerpass in Lost Ark

Some of the best ways to get gold in Lost Ark rely on your character number. You need around 3 – 4. However, leveling each character by completing the same quests is boring. Powerpass solves this problem. It instantly raises any character to level 50 for free.
To unlock a Powerpass, level any character to 50 and complete an Ealyn’s Gift quest (the end of the main story in North Vern). Then, check your mail. It should have a Vern Breakthrough Powerpass Ticket.
Now, create a new Lost Ark gold-earning character and apply your Powerpass to him in the menu. But there’s more. Once you do it, Lost Ark will credit you another free Powerpass.
Actually, there’s a third way to boost character to 50. It’s a Knowledge Transfer. You can access it through your stronghold. It costs 500 gold and will get any level 10 character to level 50 in 8 hours.

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The importance of gold in Lost Ark can’t be overestimated. But with this guide, you’ll never lack it. Above, we’ve presented all the effective methods how to make gold in Lost Ark. Choose the one you like.
However, boosting is the quickest and easiest way to get Lost Ark coins. It’s easy to order. Visit Askboosters guide page to know how. It will also explain the game features, like the best ways to level up guns in MW2, the best WoW classes, WoW classic professions, etc.

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