Lost Ark Gear Progression

March 16, 2023

The technique to advance your character in Lost Ark after level 50 is through the Lost Ark Gear Tier Progression guide. Your options for activities to advance your gear score will increase as your gear score rises. There are specific item-level thresholds for the gear progression in Lost Ark tier gear. For characters to advance to new worlds and equipment tiers, they must meet these requirements.

This article illustrates how to get tier 1 gear Lost Ark, how to move from Lost Ark tier 1 to tier 2, and how to get tier 3 gear Lost Ark.

How Does Lost Ark Gear Progression Work?

Each tier of the gear progression guide Lost Ark comes with a distinct level, with additional levels within each tier. For example, your gear level at level 50 should be about 250 when you reach the end game. Lost Ark’s Gear Score system is far more straightforward than New World’s somewhat complex score system.

Your item level is the most crucial sign of advancement once your character level hits 50. Nevertheless, the game is certainly not “finished” just yet. The truth is that when you access more endgame material after level floor 50 Lost Ark, then the Lost Ark gear progression gets less linear.

If you want a full set of rare gear with the desired score, you run dungeons or make great gear.

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Lost Ark Tier 1 Gear

Lost Ark Gear Progression

The Tier is divided into different phases. See below;

  • Phase 1 (0-250)

Your equipment level will be 250 when you reach level 50. You’ve now gained access to the Guardian Raid and the Chaos Dungeon. Hence, you must finish the prologue quest in case the Chaos Dungeon quest is still restricted. Your attention ought to focus on key missions, side missions, and islands so that you can level up your equipment.

  • Phase 2 (250-302)

You will gain a complete set of level 302 gear during this phase, which is necessary to finish the main mission, the Shushire world mission. Grinding the North Vern Chaos Dungeon is the alternative. That implies that you will explore the same dungeon repeatedly until you have acquired your entire set, but don’t get disheartened; each run just takes a few minutes.

  • Phase 3 (302-460)

Players can concentrate on engravings, statistics, Chaos, Abyss, and Islands. Your items will be upgraded through gear honing, changing from +1 to +15. Your mats will be used up if the gear fails to function after being upgraded to +15. Most end-of-game activities will award you with mats that let you level up your equipment.
Take part in Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, Una’s daily duties, and more to find grinding materials that may be used to enhance equipment. Materials can be traded for pirate coins in the ship’s store. You can obtain the exchangeable substance perception shards by finishing the daily Chaos Dungeon.

  • Phase 4 (460-600)

Level 460 through level 600 upgrades are available for your equipment. Continue completing Una’s tasks and daily objectives to gather extra upgrade materials. A gear-honing NPC can give each gear a +15-gear rating.
You must craft weapons, headgear, chests, and gloves to make exceptional gear. A greater proportion of item levels won’t be obtained by continuing to transfer your upgraded gear, but doing so will boost your strength. Moreover, moving Gear upgrades simply costs credits.

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Lost Ark Tier 2 Gear

When does tier 2 start Lost Ark? You will find out here.
The Tier is divided into different phases. See below;

  • Phase 1 (600-802)

Like the first stage of Tier 1 gear upgrades, the first stage of lost ark Tier 2 guide gear upgrades involves completing the first Chaos dungeon and earning unique sets. You will receive 802-level stuff. Continue completing Chaos Dungeon, Raid, and Una tasks to gather materials to boost your gear.
You now begin to complete islands such as Yorn’s Chaos Dungeon, Gravis Island, Hypnos’ Island, Revelry Row, and Twilight Isle. Also, Tier 2 materials, such as Guardian Stone, Destruction Stone, Life Leapstone, and Caldarr Fusion Material, can be found in your backpack if you’ve completed some Islands and daily events.

  • Phase 2 (840-1000)

As you keep improving at the Gear Honing NPC, you can get +2 on Tier 2. You’ll receive a fantastic gear set for finishing the first two Abyss dungeons. You can convert your Rare Sets into Epic Sets using the Gear Recycling NPC.
You also can gather enough supplies by finishing the two continents, Yorn and Feiton. If the objective is completed on the continent, you can always opt to farm the dungeon there. The difficulty of these dungeons is higher than that of quests, so keep that in mind.

  • Phase 3 (1000-1100)

The Gear level can be increased from 1000 to 1100. However, gathering materials will be challenging at this point. If you experience grind failures, please persevere and keep completing missions and farming daily dungeons.
The players’ central objective should be spamming Dungeons, towers, and cubes. You can upgrade your gear to level 1080 with the use of this spam, but you shouldn’t hone it without having 20’s Breath.

Lost Ark Tier 3 Gear

The third and final tier of the game is the hardest. It is also in different phases, and they include the following;

  • Phase 1(1100-1302)

The Punika continent is your new gaming world now that you have attained this patch’s highest tier level possible. Here, the Chaos Dungeon, Una’s duties, Guardian Raids, and Island
Tokens all have tough bosses that require a lot of daily grinding.

  • Phase 2 (1302-1375)

once your equipment reaches level 1325, just concentrate more on Punika. An epic suit will increase your damage output by 10% or more. Also, until you attain gear level 1370, you can gradually increase the number to make minor leaps. Further, to earn a legend set, you must finish Abyss Raid: Argos. A +15 average is included in Phase 2 for all gear.

  • Phase 3 (1375-1415)

You can improve your gear to level 1415 when you obtain the legendary set. You will gain strength by using vital medicines and skill points as you grind Giant Hearts, Mokoko Seeds, and other milestones.

  • Phase 4 (1415-1460)

Things start to become more challenging and intriguing at this point. You can upgrade as usual until level 1430, then 1460 is reflected on your equipment. At this level of gear, you will typically concentrate more on the finer points of each area of the game, including your stronghold, continent advancement, and Islands tokens.

  • Phase 5 (1460-1490)

Phase 5 is similar, except you should concentrate more on completing the continents to acquire additional skill point potions. For whatever character you are currently playing, you have to acquire an extra level of more than 10 talents at this point.
Also, for various phases of each monster in dungeons and raids, you’ll need to have a certain degree of mechanics and damage-checking skills. This will need you to improve on your gems.

  • Phase 6 (1490-1575)

Bravo! You have completed Tier 3 and are at the highest phase for the most recent 1.0 patch. You should now finish earning the remaining points for each collectible. Your card inventory should be completely optimized, with the combos changing based on each confrontation in the endgame raids.

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