How to Get Wish Ender – Your Comprehensive Guide

July 27, 2023

The Wish-Ender doesn’t drop randomly, unlike many other Exotics in the game. It was introduced with the Forsaken expansion in 2018 and requires completing a specific quest.
That’s why most players new to the game need direct guidance and tips on how to get Wish Ender D2 in a short time. And we are here to lead you to successful gameplay based on our own experience. So, let’s go!

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What is Wish Ender?

Before diving deep into the common steps on how to get Wish Ender, let’s first see what it is all about.
The Wish-Ender is one of the most formidable weapons in Destiny 2, having been around since the Forsaken expansion. It is among the game’s oldest and most powerful Bows that offer unique abilities such as wall-piercing vision, Anti-Barrier arrows, and exceptional damage that surpasses many other Bows.

Importance and Advantages of Wish Ender in Destiny 2

Wish-Ender is among the prominent bows and Exotics in Destiny 2 for several reasons. Firstly, it deals severe damage, allowing you to defeat powerful enemies quickly, and has anti-barrier arrows. Most importantly, the perk of Wish-Ender gives you an opportunity to notice enemies through walls while aiming, which is helpful, especially for beginners.
The bow is also highly effective in PvE activities and feels great to use with a gamepad. Overall, our analysis of this weapon showed that it is a highly essential element in D2 and is worth obtaining.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unlocking Wish Ender in Destiny 2

Before you begin the journey to obtain the bow, ensure you have purchased the Forsaken expansion.

Here are the main steps on how to get Wish Ender Destiny 2 fast.

Step 1: Presenting the Talisman

Your initial task is to venture into the Shattered Throne dungeon and show the Talisman to an Awoken Warrior.

To accomplish this, proceed through the dungeon until you reach a statue of Sjur Eido after defeating the first major boss. Approach the statue and present the Awoken Talisman.

Step 2: Accomplishing the Secret Quest

After presenting the Talisman, it may appear that nothing has changed, and you’ve reached a dead end. However, this action unlocks a hidden and enigmatic mission in the Tangled Shore.

In this mission, you’ll encounter three formidable Taken enemies. Defeat each to obtain the tokens required for the third step.

Step 3: Cleansing the Tokens

For this step, you must return to the Shattered Throne dungeon and endure its challenges until you reach the Ogre boss encounter.

As you progress through the dungeon, you’ll encounter several secret bosses that must be defeated. You should find orbs within the dungeon and carry them to their corresponding statues to summon these bosses.

Step 4: Speaking to the Statue

With the three tokens in your possession, head back to the Sjur Eido statue outside the room where you fought the Ogre boss. You will notice that it now has three surrounding bowls, each adorned with a glowing orb. Approach and interact with the statue to claim your well-deserved exotic bow.

Now you know how to get Wish Ender 2023, so just step on the gas and enjoy your new powerful weapon. If you have difficulties during your journey, getting help from a professional boost gaming service is also a good option.

Tips and Tricks for Getting The Wish Ender

Similar to getting the Diablo 4 Gold, acquiring this bow is not incredibly complex. However, sometimes it can be quite challenging and tough to achieve. So, to help you overcome all possible difficulties, here are some tips we have outlined according to our experience.

  • Ensure you have a high enough Light Level to tackle the encounters in the dungeon. The recommended minimum is 570.
  • Throughout the dungeon, you’ll see different tokens in hidden areas. If you collect all the tokens, you will unlock a chest granting you the Wish-Ender.
  • In the Vorgeth encounter, focus on clearing the adds first and then damage the boss.
  • Also, coordinate with your Fireteam to split the responsibilities.

Look through our website for useful tips if you’re having trouble with specific encounters. Also, if you are interested in other similar games or look for ways on how to get Damascus or COD boost, you can consider our other services, including Warzone boost, MLBB boost, and Dota 2 boost.

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Relying on our experience, we tried to make the Wish-Ender quest less intimidating for you. Although this task is not particularly difficult, having a guide can always be helpful and increase your chances of success. With that being said, we hope we have addressed all your questions or concerns.

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