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Do you want to conquer a space, but an endless grinding cycle stops you? There’s a solution. Hire boosters so they can do all the boring work for you. They’ll level your characters, sell you credits, complete lingering story missions, and get gear. Boosters are pros, so they’ll complete your task the quickest.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Credits

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jedi Knight Story Boost

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Legendary Status Boost

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Origin Story Boost

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Sith Warrior Story Boost

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Credits

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Origin Story Boost

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR Cartel Packs

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR 1-80 Leveling + Equipment | Master's Datacron

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If you need help with boosting Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can hire PRO booster at any time!

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Boosters are Swtor pros with 1,000+ hours of experience. It allows them to completing services in the shortest terms.

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24/7 Support

Contact a manager at any time to clarify boosting-related questions.

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100% Safety

Pros use a VPN when they access your account, which masks boosting completely.

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Money-back guarantee

If boosters are unable to deliver your service, you are guaranteed your money back.



I’m a Swtor veteran who has never bought boosting. As it was my first time, I didn’t trust Skycoach 100%, but I was so tired of raising characters that I purchased a powerleveling. It was definitely worth it. The service was quick and much cheaper than I thought.


I’d recommend this boosting service above others. It’s ultimately professional, starting with friendly and informative managers and finishing with pros who are real Swtor masters.


I like these guys! All the staff was down-to-earth and reassured me the service would be fine. They were right. What impressed me the most is that a pro delivered my credits twice faster than promised.

What is SWTOR Boosting

SWTOR boost is an online service that helps you progress through the game. To do that, it employs pros. These players have 1,000+ SWTOR hours, so they know how to complete your tasks quickly.
It has a price. You pay boosters based on how much it takes to complete your order and its difficulty. But our readers get an exclusive 10% off with an “askboosters” code.

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Types of Services

World of Swtor has several major grinds. Star Wars: The Old Republic boosting covers all of them with the following services:

  • Buy SWTOR Credits – get from 500 (€19.59) to 10,000 (€391.99) regardless of your faction and server. It is a vital resource to expand your inventory, cargo bay, legacy storage, and extra banks and for fast traveling, upgrading and repairing your gear, professions, and other essentials;
  • Powerleveling – raise a character of any level up to 80, paying €20.43 for a 1 – 80 boost;
  • Leveling + Equipment – raise a level 1 character to level 80 and get him a Master’s Datacron item from the Cartel Market and a full set of equipment tailored to your current discipline for €21.99;
  • Hourly Driving – hire a pro to complete personal Swtor tasks for you for up to 24 hours (€5.69 for an hour);
  • Cartel Packs – get a gear bundle for €1.34 for a regular one and for €23.89 for a hypercrate. Both packs will get you ready for an endgame PvP and PvE;
  • Story Boost – complete Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular, Sith Inquisitor, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Imperial Agent stories, each for €23.99. All the loot gathered during a service is yours;
  • Legendary Status Boost – get a legendary status and all the loot gathered during a service for €161.99. It gives you a unique in-game portrait frame and a “legendary” indicator, signaling your high-end status and commanding respect.

Hire SWTOR Boosting

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Why Buy SWTOR Boost

What do you expect from Swtor? You probably want to become a strong Jedi or a Sith reputable across the galaxy. It’s achievable. But there are chances you’ll get tired of playing before it happens.
To reach the Swtor community elite, you must play the game for at least a few hundred hours. It means monotonous currency farming, leveling your character, getting gear and completing quests. You can skip that.
With the help of Swtor pros of boosting, other players will do all the grind for you. And no, it won’t take a few hundreds of hours. As the boosters have an immense gaming experience and train to be the fastest, they’ll make your character a beast in around 100 hours.
Of course, this number is approximate. For instance, if you only need credits, boosters will deliver you up to 100k in a few hours.

How to Buy

SWTOR services are easy and quick to purchase. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick a boosting site;
  2. Open a boosting site, proceed to the Swtor page, and choose a service;
  3. Adjust the service. Set the order quantity, your faction, server, and extras;
  4. Pay via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, etc.;
  5. Wait for the manager to contact you for a further service discussion.


How do the Services Work?

First, the manager clarifies your account details and your desired schedule. What’s next depends on the service type:

  • piloted service – a booster will log into your account and play to the schedule;
  • selfplay service –  a booster will contact you, join your in-game group (you can contact him via voice channel), and play with you to the schedule.

You get a notification on the order completion. Next, change your password if a service was piloted and log into the game to enjoy your novelties.

Best SWTOR Boosting Services

Is It Safe?

According to EA (Swtor developer) Terms of Use, paid services are prohibited within their games. Violating it causes penalties. But as all the boosters we recommend use a VPN, you shouldn’t fear a ban. Based on our experience, a pro connected to your city’s IP address secures your account for 100%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you buy SWTOR boosting?

It requires a few steps: pick a boosting site, select a service, adjust it and pay, and wait for a manager to contact you to discuss further details. You can find a full guide in the “How to Buy” section above.

What are the SWTOR boosting benefits?

SWTOR boosting saves tens of your hours. Pros who will complete your order played Swtor for thousands of hours and know how to get gold, level characters, and complete stories faster than others.

What’s the SWTOR boosting price?

It depends on the service you buy. For instance, gaining legendary status takes a lot of time and can be difficult, so it costs €161.99. On the other hand, leveling is easy, so it costs just €20.43 for 1 - 80.

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