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Dark and Darker is difficult when your character is weak. We can fix that. Our boosters are absolute pros who know how to get you any gold number, weapon, armor, and build. They’ll do it the quickest. Thanks to hundreds of play hours, they know the fastest routes to your goals.

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Dark and Darker Gold


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Dark and Darker Gold


Dark and Darker Powerleveling


Dark and Darker Raid Boost


Dark and Darker Hourly Driving

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What an excellent service. I’ve ordered a few services for my DnD account: gold and character leveling. Pros I’d connected to surprised me with their professionalism and speed.


Pros were extremely helpful during the raid service. First, they connected with me and explained how the service would go. And then, they’ve done everything as was promised. I would recommend this service!


I’ve been using boosting services in the past. But this one impressed me. Its speed was amazing, as the manager contacted me minutes after I’d deposited cash. Soon, a pro did his job;


Safety has been my main concern. But as I’d learned about boosters’ VPN measures, reassurance came. And it was correct. After boosters had brilliantly done their job, nothing happened to my account.

What is Dark and Darker Boosting Service

Dark and Darker boosting is an online service that helps you overcome all the abovementioned difficulties. It employs pros for that task. They will log into your account or play with you in a group until they boost your account.
It has a cost. A boosting price varies on the order difficulty and length. So, if you’d hire a pro to complete an inferno difficulty raid and kill a boss, it would be the priciest.
When ordering game boosts, you can adjust their quantity and additional services. For instance, for the DnD boost or the Overwatch 2 rank boost, you can change an order priority (completion speed) and ask for a stream. It will show you an order-completion process.

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There are a few good extraction games. On August 7, 2023, Dark and Darker was added to their list. And it definitely stands out.
While other extraction games mimic a classic battle royale and are shooters, DnD goes the other way. It’s in a medieval setting. Thus, you must fight out of the raids with swords, axes, bows, and magic.
It’s fair to say it’s pretty hardcore. Many players struggle to preserve their loot and complete raids successfully. DnD boosting is the way to overcome it. But before we explain how to order it, let’s see how you can progress yourself.

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DnD carries

Нow to Play Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker gameplay begins with you picking your class. You can be a:

  • Fighter;
  • Barbarian;
  • Rouge;
  • Ranger;
  • Wizard;
  • Cleric;
  • Bard;
  • Warlock.

To progress through the game, you must gear and level your character. You do it by completing raids.

Raid is a map inhabited by malicious NPCs and real players. It’s full of loot. You must collect it while fighting your way through all the enemies. Killing them also gives you items.
Once you’ve hoarded enough goods, you must escape the raid through the dungeon exit. However, be careful, as other players are seeking it, too. Plus, there are campers. They’ll wait for you near the exit, trying to ambush you.
Anyway, if you’ve managed to escape the raid, your character’s level will grow. It gives you skill points. Spend them on creating your unique build and become stronger.
Character-building is one of the coolest game parts. For instance, combining specific items and stats will let you play as a battle mage who fights with a crystal blade. And there are more cool builds to discover.
DnD has different raid modes. You can visit a dungeon solo and in groups of two or three. Players who want more challenge can attend group modes solo, which is harder but more rewarding.
Moreover, there’s a paid raid. It contains the best possible loot, but you must pay before entering it. However, be wary of other players here. These raids are full of high-end characters capable of killing you in a second.

Why buy Dark and Darker Boosting

Boosting DnD is beneficial for several player types. The first one is busy people. Such players are often adults who have to care for their families and visit jobs. They can’t play enough. So instead, they can pay a few euros to boosters for progress.
Another client type is the beginner. These players have just started the game and struggle to level their character and get gold. Experienced raiders beat them. Boosting solves the issue by giving them a head start to become a threat on a battlefield.
And lastly, boosting is for lazy folks. These players have already geared several characters and don’t want to do it again. However, they want a new character. So, they can skip this entire boring routine by hiring pros.

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Types of Services

There are 3 main types of Dark and Darker services, including:

    • Dark and Darker boost – a pro takes control of your account and plays for you;
    • DnD carries – one or two pros join your in-game party and play group raids;
    • Dark and Darker coaching – a pro player contacts you to teach you how to play the game better. He/she will discuss your main goals and develop a personal approach to reach them. Coaching includes reviewing replays and live-game guidance.


Services are also divided into types based on their sold goods. These are:

  • Gold – get from 2,000 to 50,000 gold. Use it to buy new gear, pots, and weapons;
  • Powerlevelling – level any class to any level. It doesn’t matter if you start from level 1 or 19. All loot is yours;
  • Raid boost – complete a normal, normal + inferno, normal + inferno + boos, high roller, high roller + inferno, or high roller + inferno + boss raids. Pick between any available raid. All loot is yours;
  • Hourly driving – hand your account to a pro so he can drive it from 1 to 24 hours. It entails character leveling, lots of gold, and loot.

Thanks to these 4 primary services, boosters cover all your DnD needs. They can enhance any aspect of your account.

How to Buy

Are you interested in any of the mentioned DnD services? You need just a few minutes to buy one. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a site from Askboosters. Our team has been reviewing the best boosters for years. Recently, we’ve discovered the best DnD services. So check out our Dark and Darker page and pick a proper site. You can read their full reviews or benefits;
  2. Open a boosting site, proceed to the DnD page, and select your service type;
  3. Examine the offer and adjust it, adding extras and altering its quantity;
  4. Indicate your email and pay for the order via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, ApplePay, GooglePay, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Qiwi, ecommpay, Skrill, etc.;
  5. Wait for the manager to contact you.

That’s it! And what’s best about this guide, it’s universal. You can use it for whatever game you want to boost. It can be a GTA money drop PS4, Elden Ring boosting, MW2 DMZ blueprints, etc.

How do the Services Work?

First, you specify your account details and a boosting schedule with a manager. Soon, the service will start. However, the waiting time depends on the boosters’ load.
Next, the process differs. If you’ve ordered a piloted boost, a pro will log into your account and play strictly to schedule. He won’t interfere with you.
In the case of carrying, the process is alike. According to the schedule, the booster contacts you via Discord/email/game and asks about a group invite. Then, you play till the service is done.
For the coaching, a booster will contact you via Discord and call you to the schedule. You’ll name your goals. And then, a coach will start guiding you based on your current skills and knowledge.
Whatever service you order, you’ll get a notification on its completion. It also serves as an order report. And don’t forget to change your password if your order was piloted.
At Askboosters, there’s a lot more of educational content. Check our blog to learn how to play Dark and Darker, find the easiest way to level up guns in MW2, ranking of the best Overwatch 2 characters, and more!

Dark and Darker Сoaching

Is It Safe?

As any game developer, IRONMACE doesn’t tolerate Dark and Darker boosting. It’s punishable. But nothing threatens you if you pick one of the boosters we present.
They prioritize your safety. To facilitate it, they implement a VPN for piloted orders. While coaching and carrying don’t need it. These service types don’t have evidence of you buying an in-game service. Thus, they’re 100% safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I progress through Dark and Darker?

DnD is an extraction-based raid game. You must attend dangerous dungeons where you hoard loot and kill enemies. It raises your level and gets you new gear. Thus, you become stronger and capable of fighting more potent players and bosses.

Why do I need a DnD boost?

Boost is the quickest and easiest way to progress through Dark and Darker. It employs real pros. These players have hundreds of DnD hours played, making them the best at the game.

What’s the cost of a DnD boost?

It depends on the service and its quantity. For example, the Dark and Darker 24-hour driving service takes lots of time and effort, making it expensive. In contrast, powerleveling service takes much less time and is easy. It will be cheap.

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