How to Get Ouroboros Division 2 – A Comprehensive Guide

April 29, 2024

The Division 2 Year 5 Season 2 Puppeteers has kicked off, reintroducing an old favorite game mode and plenty of fresh gear and weapons. Exotic weapons are especially exciting due to their unique perks, giving players an advantage over standard high-end weapons. The Ouroboros Exotic SMG is one such new weapon available in this season. However, compared to other Division 2 Exotic Weapons, acquiring it is more challenging.
Division 2 Ouroboros how to get it, what its benefits and modes are – we will use our experience to walk you through all the essentials.

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About Division 2 Ouroboros Exotic SMG – A Brief Overview

Ouroboros is an Exotic SMG introduced in Title Update 19 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. It boasts a unique design and defensive capability against Status Effects, making it particularly valuable in PvP situations like Dark Zones.
Ouroboros comes with a base RPM of 1650 and a 50-round magazine, making it one of the fastest-firing Exotic weapons, especially among SMGs. Its primary attributes focus on Critical Hit Chance and SMG Damage.
Additionally, this weapon aligns with the new Exotic attribute system, allowing players to re-roll the third attribute. This flexibility enables gamers to enhance damage with attributes like damage to armor and damage to targets out of cover, maximizing the weapon’s effectiveness in combat.
So, overall, Ouroboros shines in both PvE and PvP due to its versatility and the tactical advantage of its unique talent. With “Rule them all,” when you suffer a Status Effect, half of your next magazine applies that effect to targets, enhancing battlefield control and team effectiveness in any encounter.

how to get ouroboros division 2

How Can I Get Ouroboros Division 2 – Key Ways

The current season of Division 2 introduces the returning fan-favorite game mode called Incursions. This challenging four-player endgame content offers intense boss battles and rewards players with the Ouroboros Exotic SMG.
But how to get Ouroboros Division 2? To obtain this powerful weapon, you must engage in Incursions. Upon successfully completing an Incursion, you have a chance to receive the Exotic SMG as part of the final rewards and boss loot drops. Although there is a 10% chance of obtaining the Exotic SMG each week, replaying the Incursion increases your chances slightly to 1%.
One important thing to note is that there is no limit to how many times you can try for the Ouroboros drop. As such, you can defeat bosses several times to increase your chances of getting the weapon. This, along with the cache reward, gives players multiple chances and ways in Ouroboros Division 2 how to get their hands on this sought-after exotic.
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Stats and Mods of Ouroboros SMG

Here, let’s review the core stats and mods of Ouroboros.

Mod Description
Core Attributes Offers bonuses to Critical Hit Chance and SMG Damage, making it deadly in combat.
Additional Attributes Comes with a random stat, which adds flexibility to its customization based on player preferences.
Magazine Mod Offers a +25.0% Reload Speed bonus, crucial for swift reloading in intense fights.
Scope Mod Provides a +10.0% Critical Hit Damage bonus, amplifying its damage potential.
Muzzle Mod Delivers a +10.0% Rate of Fire bonus and further enhances its already rapid RPM.
Underbarrel Mod Grants a +10.0% Critical Hit Chance bonus, increasing chances of critical hits.
Magazine Offers sustained firepower with a 50-round magazine capacity.
RPM Rapid rate of fire with 1485 rounds in a minute.

What is Ouroboros SMG Talent?

The Ouroboros Exotic SMG features an intrinsic perk called Rule Them All, which shines in crowded and challenging scenarios, especially against foes specializing in Status Effects. When the wielder receives a Status Effect, it lets 50% of their ammo to inflict the same Status Effect on their targets.
For example, if you receive a Status Effect, 25 rounds of ammo will cause the same effect on everything you hit after reloading. This special perk offers various strategies for attacking enemies, such as shocking yourself or setting yourself on fire to enhance the damage of your next bullets against enemies. This effect activates only during combat.

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Final Notes

The Ouroboros SMG gets its place as a top-tier weapon in The D2 for several key reasons:

  • Unique Talent: The “Rule them all” strategically spreads status effects, assisting in team coordination, crowd control, and boosting team damage output.
  • High RPM: Its swift rate of fire excels in close combat, quickly taking down enemies and dealing substantial damage overall.
  • Versatility: Whether in PvE or PvP scenarios, the Ouroboros proves effective, making it a valuable asset across various game modes and encounters.
  • Customization: Players can fine-tune the Ouroboros to match their preferred playstyles, such as reload speed, critical hits, or other desired traits.

In essence, the Ouroboros mods, outstanding stats, and one-of-a-kind talent combine to deliver exceptional performance. This, in turn, solidifies its status as a highly sought-after weapon in Division 2.

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