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April 27, 2024

When starting in Last Epoch, choosing the best mastery for each class might not be your immediate concern. However, as you progress in the RPG campaign, you will need to commit to one. To assist you in this decision-making process, we’ve used our experience in the field to offer you the best Last Epoch Builds, along with the recommended specifications.

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Last Epoch Build Tier List 

The current top ARPG offers five classes with unique subclasses for each, allowing for diverse build possibilities. The typical Last Epoch Builds tier list includes the following options:

  • S Tier: These are the top Last Epoch Builds that are incredibly effective, offering both high survivability and damage output.
  • A Tier: Strong options that perform well, although they may not be as dominant as the S Tier.
  • B Tier: These are reliable builds with decent performance, though they may have some weaknesses.
  • C Tier: Options in this tier have noticeable drawbacks or inefficiencies but can still be useful in specific situations.
  • D Tier: These are the “weakest” ones in the Last Epoch Tier list.

Last Epoch Best Builds

Tier Builds
S Tier Echo Warpath Void Knight, Harvest Lich, Nova Hammerdin Paladin, Dancing Strikes Bladedancer, Rive Void Knight
A Tier Upheaval Beastmaster, Death Seal Lich, Disintegrate Runemaster, Smite Shield Throw Paladin, Ignite Shield Rush Forge Guard, Glacier Sorcerer, Smite Hammer Throw Void Knight, Hammerdin Paladin, Reign of Winter Bowmage Marksman, Flame Reave Spellblade
B Tier Cold Dot Werebear Druid, Thorn Totem Shaman, Manifest Armor Forge Guard, Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster, Dragonsong Marksman, Multishot Marksman, Lightning Swarmblade Druid, Frostbite Swarmblade Druid, Shadow Daggers Bladedancer, Hail of Arrows Marksman
C Tier Wraith Necromancer, Fireball Sorcerer, Elemental Nova Sorcerer, Bleed Hammerdin Paladin, Explosive Thorn Totem Shaman, Hydrahedron Runemaster, Holy Trail Javelin Paladin, Marrow Shards Lich, Golem Necromancer, Static Orb Sorcerer
D Tier Earthquake Werebear Druid, Smite Hammerdin Paladin, Frost Claw Runemaster, Swipe Werebear Druid, Squirrel Beastmaster, Cold Dot Werebear Druid, Holy Trail Javelin Paladin, Lightning Swarmblade Druid, Death Seal Lich

What’s the Importance of Builds

Finding the Last Epoch strongest build for your character isn’t just about personal choice; it greatly impacts your success in the game. Developing and perfecting them is not just a goal but also an engaging journey that helps you grasp game mechanics better and try out new tactics. Trying various classes, passive abilities, and active skills available sparks creativity and improves problem-solving skills. So, as you adjust your build based on trial and error, you’ll understand gameplay nuances better, growing into a more skilled and knowledgeable player.

The Variety of Builds

The best builds Last Epoch offers come with a wide range of options to suit different playstyles and tactics. Let’s explore some of the diverse builds available in the game for each class.


Assemble Abomination Starter Build Command a powerful minion to tackle tough bosses early on with efficient minion management skills.
Flame Wraith Necromancer Summon fiery wraiths for intense fire damage and precise control in battles.
Skeleton Summoner Necromancer Rain down cold damage using ranged skeleton archers and mages against enemies.
Retaliation/Bone Nova Golem Build Empower your golem with devastating bone novas triggered by specific skills for critical strikes.
“Avatar of Blight” Aura of Decay Lich Build Inflict potent damage over time effects using the sustained aura of decay.


Lightning Swarmblade Druid Trigger tornado and maelstrom spells for devastating electrical storms.
Werebear Earthquake Druid Crush enemies with seismic earthquakes in ferocious werebear form.


Flame Reave Spellblade Build Engage enemies with elemental melee attacks and wide area-of-effect strikes.
Shatter Strike Spellblade Execute swift fire-enhanced melee strikes for relentless close combat.
Glacier Lightning Blast Sorcerer Build Master chilling glaciers and lightning blasts for powerful spellcasting.
Ignite Fireball Sorcerer Unleash homing fireballs with massive damage over time effects.
Static Orb Sorcerer Command lethal lightning power with devastating static orbs.


Forge Minions Summoner Build Command forged weapons and armor minions with various buffs for engaging gameplay.
Crit Hammer Throw Paladin Deliver devastating hammer blows with increased damage and radius.

These options offer diverse strategies and playstyles, allowing players to customize their characters for their preferred way of playing Last Epoch.

The Best Range Builds in Last Epoch

In this part of our Last Epoch Build guide, let’s explore some of the best Range options available.

  • The Dragonsong Marksman: It offers an exhilarating gameplay experience with critical hits triggering Dragonfire and summoning celestial meteors. Harbinger of Stars adds Meteor to critical strikes, making it a top choice for dynamic gameplay. Leveraging Dragonfire, Cinder Strike, and Meteor synergies and boosting critical strike chance are key in this option. Cinder Strike inflicts swift attacks, igniting enemies with Firebreathing and Burning Dagger for substantial damage and crucial buffs to defense and offense.
  • The Electrify Javelin Paladin: It is a formidable warrior embodying the power of thunder in combat. Armed with a shield and a storm of javelins, it inflicts heavy lightning damage over time by stacking Electrify on foes. Enhanced by Holy Aura and tactical prowess, it conquers challenges effortlessly. Your primary offense stems from Javelin strikes, delivering lightning blows to enemies. Skills like Spiked Bombardment and Siege Barrage amplify your javelin assaults.

Last Epoch Top Melee Builds

While ranged combat offers excitement, many players prefer getting up close and personal in combat. And melee skills in the game enable players to engage in close-quarters battles. Here, let’s look through the Last Epoch top builds for melee.

  • The Shadow Daggers Bladedancer: It offers unmatched speed and agility in Last Epoch, making it the fastest build available. Despite its speed, this build doesn’t compromise on damage or defense, making it a formidable force in any battle. Focused on rapid movement and relentless attacks, it leverages skills like Smoke Bomb, Umbral Blades, Synchronized Strike, and Shadow Cascade for both mobility and high damage output. While offense is crucial, defense is not neglected in this option. Through careful skill usage and passive allocation, you can boost survivability, ensuring you can withstand tough encounters. The Shadow Daggers Bladedancer excels across various game modes, such as dungeons, Monolith Echoes, and arenas, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness. It’s a well-rounded choice for players seeking a potent and balanced option.
  • The Echo Warpath Void Knight: This is known for its high damage and mobility, which makes it ideal for farming and clearing game content. New players find it easy to use due to its straightforward skill requirements. It’s also great for SSF gameplay since it doesn’t rely heavily on specific gear to be effective. At the heart of this build is the Warpath skill, which, when channeled continuously, creates echoes via Echo Knight, applying Time Rot for maximum damage output through Maw of the Deep. This combination ensures excellent efficiency in clearing enemies and battling bosses.

Top Last Epoch Caster Builds

Melee builds bring combat up close and personal, but for those who prefer to rain destruction from a distance, caster builds offer that opportunity. The Last Epoch best builds in this category focus on spell power and elemental abilities to obliterate enemies from afar.

  • The Static Orb Sorcerer: It is a formidable presence in battles, harnessing the might of lightning to eliminate foes efficiently. This build revolves around two core damage skills: Lightning Blast for high single-target damage and Static Orb for area damage. Survivability is key for the Static Orb Sorcerer, and skills like Flame Ward provide crucial damage reduction. Teleport serves a dual purpose as both a mobility tool and a defensive mechanism. It allows quick movement and evasion.
  • The Elemental Nova Sorcerer: This build specializes in devastating AoE damage and potent single-target attacks. With The Ashen Crown, you can cast Elemental Nova precisely, engulfing enemies in a storm of lightning. Elemental Nova, enhanced by synergistic nodes like Spark Charges and Elemental Expanse, boasts a wide AoE range, ensuring no enemy escapes unscathed. Prioritize optimizing critical chances through Charged Destruction and Lightning Nova for maximum impact.

Last Epoch the Best Minion Builds

For players who enjoy summoning powerful minions to fight alongside them, here are the best minion build options worth checking out.

  • The Golem Necromancer: It specializes in summoning and controlling a single Summon Bone Golem, a massive skeletal creature. By frequently casting Rip Blood on the Golem, it constantly triggers Bone Nova, causing significant area-of-effect (AoE) damage to nearby enemies. With strategic buffs like Bone Curse and Dread Shade, this Necromancer excels in both damage output and survivability, especially in Hardcore mode, ensuring victory in challenging encounters.
  • The Manifest Armor Forge Guard: This build harnesses the power of the forge to summon a destructive minion capable of annihilating hordes of enemies with explosive attacks. This build revolves around using Manifest Armor and Shield Throw for powerful AoE melee strikes, while also leveraging exclusive skills like Javelin and Sigils of Hope for enhanced offense and defense capabilities.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, Last Epoch provides various classes and builds, each with its own abilities and playstyles. The effectiveness of these builds can change over time due to game updates and patches. Tier rankings are used to assess them based on factors like survivability, consistency and damage potential. This assessment helps players choose builds wisely, considering where to invest their efforts and resources.
So, whether you prefer spellcasting, agile melee combat, minion mastery, or powerful ranged attacks, there’s a build to suit every adventurer in the game. In addition, if you have difficulties in moving forward in your gameplay, you can consider the option of the Last Epoch boost. Just pick the best place to buy Last Epoch builds based on your preferences and get the builds you want in no time.

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